城市独代 Agent

    城市独代权益: Agent interest:

    1、市级独家代理支持政策,体验厅装修支持,配备区域经理全方位支持; City exclusive agency support policy, experience hall decoration support, equipped with regional managers fully support

    2、市场宣传推广画册、海报、展架及彩页支持,市场竞争力价格支持; Market promotion pictures, posters, display and color support, market price support

    3、专业技术团队、专业项目团队、定制方案的售后支持; Professional technical team, professional project team, customized after-sale support

    4、市场激励返利政策,更实惠更人性化,年底评比实惠奖励。 Market incentives, rebate policy, more affordable and more humane, year-end evaluation of affordable incentives

    5、享受产品一年包换、终身保修的完善质保待遇。 Enjoy the product of one year replacement, life-long warranty perfect quality assurance treatment

    6、享受代理商优惠价格及促销优惠价格。Enjoy the agent's preferential price and promotion price

    7、享受终端零售客户备案制保护机制,谈某工程或客户时,只需在上级管理单位处项目报备,既受到保护,其他网点无法再参与竞争。Enjoy the "retail customer record system" protection mechanism, when talking about a project or customer, only in the higher management unit project preparation, both protected, other outlets can no longer participate in competition

    8、进货渠道与售后服务皆规定为相应的网点开发人,避免参与复杂流程与手续,网点可专心销售。Purchasing channels and after-sales service are defined as the corresponding network developers, to avoid participation in complex processes and procedures, outlets can concentrate on sales.

    城市独代条件: Agent conditions:

    (一)个人 personal

    1、须是工商部门登记注册的个体户。 Must be registered in the business sector self-employed.

    2、热爱智能家居事业,遵纪守法 ,诚实守信,认同云端理念, 接受云端的统一经营管理模式。 Love smart home business, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, identify with the concept of cloud, and accept the unified management model of cloud.

    3、有一定的资金实力和抗风险能力 Have a certain financial strength and ability to resist risks

    (二)单位 Company

    1、单位需是具法人资格的公司、企、事业单位或在当地工商部门、税务部门已注册具有法人资格的公司。 The company shall be a company with legal personality, enterprise or institution or registered enterprise with legal personality in the local industry and Commerce Department and tax administration department

    2、有独立经营、核算、自负盈亏的能力。认同云端理念,接受云端统一经营管理模式。Capable of independent operation, accounting and self financing. Identify with the cloud concept and embrace a unified cloud management model.

    3、有固定场所的公司、会所、店铺、柜台,对当前所经营的行业没有限制,必须设定一个大于30平方米以上的体验厅,只要有进入物联网智能家居行业的意向即可。 Have a fixed place, clubs, shops, counters, no restrictions on the operation of the industry, must set a more than 30 square meters of experience hall, as long as the intention to enter the smart Home Furnishing industry.